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Areas of Practice

Community Association Representation

For over twenty years, our firm has focused on representing homeowners and condominium associations. Rome & Associates was creator of the deferred payment of collection fees concept. The bulk of our collection fees are not due and payable until collected from the delinquent owner. This approach, in effect, shifts the financial burden for collecting overdue assessments from the association to the debtor.

We advise community association boards on a wide range of subjects for a set annual fee of $750, and $600 for subdivisions with fifty homes or less. In addition, our firm is experienced in drafting governing documents, such as covenant amendments, bylaws, architectural guidelines, rules, and regulations.

The practice of community association law encompasses diverse areas of legal understanding, which includes, analysis of governing documents, real property law, nonprofit corporation law, federal regulations, and fair housing claims. In a time when there are more lawsuits than ever filed against associations and board members, it is critical to have excellent insurance coverage, but also just as important to have immediate access to expert legal advice.

Mediation of Community Association Disputes

In order to try and resolve an issue prior to litigation, an owner and the association can agree to attempt mediation. In some cases, the covenants will require mediation before an owner is allowed to go forward with suit against the association. In addition, courts will sometimes require mediation prior to trial. As mentioned above, community association law covers a diverse range of legal practices. It is helpful to have a mediator who can explain the possible liability of going forward with suit.

Phenisha F. Bresnock is an attorney who is a certified mediator, and experienced with community association litigation. Please contact us for the current hourly rate charged for mediation.