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Community Associations Representation

by Michael Rome, Esq.

Rome & Associates, P.C., is a law firm representing homeowner associations and condominiums in the metro Atlanta area. We offer deferred payment of attorney fees for most collection services until the funds to pay for them are collected from the delinquent homeowner.

Assessment Collection During a Recession
Community associations have never faced the current amount of delinquent assessments and mortgage foreclosures. Unlike the federal government, an association cannot print more money. Yet, the annual budget is still calculated based on 100% participation.

Increase Revenues Without Raising Dues
Raising annual assessments is one of the most unpopular actions taken by an association board… maybe even more so during these difficult economic times. Following are five ways for an association to increase revenues without raising dues.

Legal Advice & Collections of Assessments

Our charge for legal advice is a low annual fee of $650. We are able to keep down the costs by utilizing the effeciency of email as opposed to letters and phone consultations. In short, we are not trying to run the clock. The other advantage of advice via email over phone consultations is that the Board has our advice in writing and can retain copies for the Association records.

Although our attorney fees are incurred at the time of service, the bulk of the fees are not payable by the association until the funds are collected from the delinquent homeowner. In this way the burden for the attorney fees is effectively shifted from the homeowners who pay on time to the delinquent homeowners. The association does not have to throw good money after bad.

We do not receive a portion of what is owed to the association for the delinquent assessments like ‘contingency fees’ charged by collection agencies. Instead the attorney fees are added to what the delinquent homeowner owes.

Property managers and Board members are able to view the detailed status of legal collections online using our ReadyCOLLECT service. In addition, a variety of reports can be printed out directly from the online service.

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